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Admin Outsourcing

ADMIN OUTSOURCING consultLet us take care of your tedious but essential “Transactional Issues” that are taking away your valuable time and efforts so as to help you concentrate more on strategic decisions.Cinaug is passionate about your business needs and wants your business to succeed through cost savings, lesser admin management and improved productivity. Your business can concentrate more effectively on its core Mission and Values through our mutual outsourcing partnership.

We assure excellent customer satisfaction, best response times and improved service performance, providing you more time and efficient use of your existing resources. After careful analysis on what the market requirements and demands are, Cinaug can handle your complex administrative problems.

Many businesses delay their success or even fail because they are unable to answer ‘No’ to the following questions

  • Does your business have huge admin staff turnover?
  • Does your business have unhappy customers receiving unsatisfactory service?
  • Are there bottle-necks in your invoicing procedure?
  • Does your business have huge backlog of work?
  • Do you try to do it right the first time but find yourself wasting precious time & resources having to go back on the same issue?
  • Do you dream of work being completed DIDO (Day-In-Day-Out)?
  • Is your admin less productive?
  • Do you have managers technically excellent in what they do however, lack skills on administration management.
  • Does your employee complain about incorrect pay and timesheet issues?

If you think about your business or the company that you work for and answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions listed above, Cinaug Consultants can help. We have proven skills and creative techniques to achieve individual business needs and great results.


Cinaug’s motto is “Crest in Consultancy” and you can depend on us to optimise your organisation’s worth and potential; the workforce and bring in overall process efficiency to your business.