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cinoug-about-australia-recruitmentTalent is the Key competitor differentiator in today’s business and will be in future. Let us make an impact in your business performance by providing top-notch people.

Personnel planning and recruiting directly affect employee commitment and loyalty because commitment depends on hiring employees that have the potential to develop. Let us find you the right candidates to suit your business requirement and business culture.

Cinaug combines ‘Job-Centred’ and ‘Person-Centred’ recruitment style to ensure the right candidate is selected to do the job and the candidate fits into the organisational culture.

Why spend your time recruiting and interviewing numerous candidates for a position when you could use your valuable time into productive areas to improve your business performance. Leave your recruitment into our capable hands and we will provide you with the best candidate. We have the resources, educational qualifications and skill set to service your recruitment needs.

Cinaug assures best service to you through the quality of our selection process thereby assisting the employer to choose the best candidate.

Are you struggling to get skilled candidates? Talk to us about your skilled labour requirements and watch us deliver. Let us make a difference in your business today.


Cinaug’s motto is “Crest in Consultancy” and you can depend on us to optimise your organisation’s worth and potential; the workforce and bring in overall process efficiency to your business.